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Half Term

During the half terms, Sports and Life Skills run holiday programmes for young people to take part in and try a variety of different sports.




Our February half term multi sports programme was from the 18th – 22nd February 2019 in Islington. We had some great weather apart from on the Monday which meant numbers were really good. We had both our 4-7 year old group and our 8-3 year old group for 5 days. Both groups partook in tennis, football, dodgeball, hockey, touch rugby and our fun day as the week before we let the young people decide what sports they wanted us to deliver via a survey and those were the sports they choose. We managed to teach 66 different kids over the week averaging 41 per day. As always we would like to thank all the staff and volunteers for their hard work over the week and also Islington Council for supporting this programme.

Below are some pictures of the week:


Our October half term multi sports programme was from 22nd October- 26th October 2018 in Islington, with the weather holding out until the last day we had a great turn out over the 5 days. We had our 4-7 year old group 10-11.30am and our 8-13 year old group 11.30-1pm. Both groups took part in the following sports over the week; dodgeball, tennis, archery, football and our fun day. Life skills we taught were awareness, trust, communication skills, responsibility, motivation and encouragement. We managed to teach 67 different young people over the week and averaging 46 per day. We would also like to thank the organisation Sport Islington for funding this half term programme.

Below are some pictures of the week:


Our summer programme which was from 23rd July – 27th 2018 in Islington went very well, with the sun was blazing over the 5 days. We ran both age groups 4-7 year olds and the 8-13 year olds, where they took part in the following sports; dodgeball, handball, football, touch/tag rugby, hockey, tennis and of course the fun day on the Friday. We taught 44 different young people over the week and averaging 29 per day which is very pleasing as a lot of parents took their kids away on holiday.

Below are some pictures over the week:

We ran a May/June half term multi sports program in Barking and Dagenham (St Marks Gate)  it was our first time down there and the young people and parents really took to the program really well. We ran football, crcicket, hockey, touch rugby, dodgeball and last day was our fun day. We was only able to do 4 days due to the rain and thunderstorms on Tuesday afternoon, never the less we had great numbers over the 4 days averaging 29 young people a day.

The May/June 2018 half term multi sports program in Islington was across the 5 days, yes even the bank holiday Monday. Where we ran a program for the 4-7 year old group then a program for the 8-13 year old group. We taught the various life skills, teamwork, confidence/belief, motivation and encouragement and on the Friday they used everything they learnt and put use of the skills in their fun day. With dodgeball, touch rugby, tennis, handball, hockey, football and a bit of catching and bowling, all being delivered during the week. We managed to teach 52 local kids with an average of 38 young people taking part per day.

As always a big thank you to our staff members Martel Marshall, Huseyin Yilmaz and all the parents that came down to watch, aslo a massive thank you to David Afework for volunterring on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Both Islington programmes were funded by our Director/Founder Steven Marshall, a local person trying to ensure that the young people have something to do during the their time off school.

Below are some pictures over the course of the week:


The February 2018 half term multi sports was a 5 day program where both age groups 4-7 year-olds and 8-13 year olds had the opportunity to come out and take part in a variety of sports on their doorsteps for free. Sports such as football, touch/tag rugby, handball, hockey, tennis, dodgeball and lets not forget our famous fun day. We managed to teach 49 local kids that week with an average of 28 kids taking part per day.

A massive thank you to Sertac Goztas for coming down and volunteering on the Monday and Tuesday as he wanted to gain some coaching experience as he was in the middle of completing his F.A  Football level 1 which he has now passed.

As always a big thank you to Huseyin Yilmaz and Samuel Iyinkanmi for helping run the half term program and also every parents and child that came down to make the week be enjoyable.

Last but not least an enormous thank you to Sport Islington for making this half term possible.


The October 2017 Half term multi sports program was a another great experience, we delivered a 5 day program with the most sports we have ever delivered during any half term program. We managed to engage with 68 young kids this week with an average of 41 per day over the week. They took part in the following activities, football, handball, dodgeball, athletics, tag rugby, hockey, tennis and of course our fun day which includes egg and spoon races, relay races, crossbar challenge and penalty shoot outs.

A big thank you to our volunteer Sedya for helping out all this week, and a big thank you to the Local Initiative Fund from Islington council who supported this half term program.

Below are a few pictures of the participants enjoying this half terms program;

The July 2017 half term multi sports program went well in our eyes, we knew a lot of kids were going to go away on holiday and visit family so we decided to only do a 4 day program and take a well deserved break in August.

We had over 30 kids per day on average taking part in the varies of sports, here are a few pictures;

The May/ June 2017 Sports And Life Skills Half Term Programme was another success in our eyes, with 4 days of multi sports and fun games. We managed to engage in 58 different young people of the local area and with an average of over 42 children per day we were very happy.

With all the positive energy being seen across the 4 days we know and feel that we are having a positive effect in the local community. Taking part in such sports as football, hockey, touch rugby, dodgeball, tennis and of course our fun day.

A big thank you to the volunteers Huseyin Yilmaz, Martel Marshall and one of our directors Anna Hua for helping out over the half term; without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver our programmes to the children.

A few pictures of our half term programme below.


In April Half-Term 2017 Sports And Life Skills decided to go independent. We had the largest numbers to date with over 85 different children taking part in our multi sports programme, we had the largest average number of children per day with over 40 children. Offered the most sporting activities and was the longest half term programme to date since we started in August 2016 (8 Days)

All could not have been achieved thou without the help of parents that volunteered and our volunteers, so Sports And Life Skills would like to say a big thank you everyone that was involved. Below are some pics of our amazing multi sports programme.

The half term programme in February 2017  Sports and Life Skills again teamed up with The Access to Sports project to run a 4 day programme, with 2 age groups we had 66 young kids from Islington and Hackney take part. Where they took part in football, cricket, touch rugby, dodgeball and some athletics. The highlight was that local kids engaged in the sports and their parents supported and encouraged them throughout the 4 days.



The half term programme in October 2016 Sports and Life Skills team up with the access to sports project to run a 3 day project, it was a success when feedback forms from parents where handed back, we engaged with over 50 kids over the 3 days and they took part in a variety of sports such as football, cricket, touch rugby and on the fun day their was relay races and egg and spoon races just to mention a few things.





Sports and Life Skills is all about taking part but every 1-2 months we try to get them involved in going to other areas to play in competetions as a sense of coming out their comfort zones.

So on the 12th November 2016 we took 3 teams/groups to take part in a football at Sobel Leisure Centre in Islington against local teams in the area.

On the 22nd December 2016 at Finsbury Leisure Centre, we took 2 ages groups to take part in Access to Sports Christmas sports festival. Both groups done really well in terms of their attitude and performance but what was really pleasing was the effort to engage in a variety of sports such as table tennis, tennis and dodgeball.

On the 17th February 2017 we took 2 age groups, school years 5+6 and school years 7+8 to the Islington Cup that is ran by Access to Sports. Their behaviour has improved every time we have taken them somewhere but this was their best behaviour so far. Group 5+6 won the football tournament and group 7+8 came 2nd.

On 7th April 2017 we took 2 age groups, school years 5+6 and school years 7+8 to the Islington community cup at Market road which was ran by Access to Sports. As a reward we take the group pending on their behaviour and their effort at or sessions, it doesn’t bother us if their the best players or not or even if they win. As long as you’ve been try hard we take them. The year 5+6 came 4th and the year 7+8 won the football tournament.