Welcome to Sports and Life Skills CIC

Currently the Sports and Life Skills programme is piloting in Islington and Hackney, with the vision to expand in the near future.

Steven Marshall – Founder of Sports and Life Skills. Having grown up in the Islington area, and with over 10 years of working with and coaching young people, I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for sports and helping improve and develop young people’s life skills through being active.

All sessions delivered by Sports and Life Skills are led by myself and dedicated team of volunteers also wanting to make a difference. I advocate free sessions for all as it is important to the volunteers and I to give back to the community and make a difference with no other hidden motive.

My vision and main aim for Sports and Life Skills is to develop the younger generations attitudes and behaviours through teaching and enhancing life skills. Having grown up and witnessed numerous societal issues within the local community, I decided to invest my personal income into an initiative which enables me to live out my passion of sports and have a hand in developing young people’s development into adulthood.

Sports and Life Skills was created in 24 August 2016 as a limited company and has just changed to a community interest company (CIC) in March 2017, and we are open to explore different funding opportunities, so we can grow as a company but more importantly as a community.

Karen Nixon– Director of Sports and Life Skills, it would be extremely hard for me to find another person I know who has a bigger heart than Karen. From direct personal experiences, Karen helped me develop into the person I am today, to which I will be forever be grateful. She has been an amazing mentor for me and has helped me a great deal with Sports and Life Skills, and I continue to learn from Karen everyday.

Karen has over twenty years experience of lecturing in Further Education. She spent the majority of those at Hackney Community College and was involved in managing the College Sports Enrichment programme as well as teaching the Sports Department. With all her experience in the voluntary sector and community sports organisation, it means she can bring knowledge and experience of best practice including financial transparency and accounting to the organisation. She is certainly an asset to the company.

Anna Hua–  Director of Sports and Life Skills, I have known Anna for about 4 years. She is extremely meticulous and loves to correct me and improve my grammar, much to my embarrassment. Much of the marketing material you see on the website has been proofed by Anna, her attention to detail and need for perfection is always apparent, therefore she was the perfect choice to lead the Homework Club as well as a named Director of Sports and Life Skills.

Originally from up north – Leeds, she has made London here home over the past 4 years and creates a support network around her, which makes her involvement with the company effective and also allows her to give back to a community she now calls home.


We have a great bunch of staff and without them, we wouldn’t be able to deliver our programmes. Our staff are friendly and always full of motivation and fully commitment to our delivering the best.


What We Do


1- Provide – excitement, joy, fun, laughter, safe, structured and organised programmes.

2- Explore – explore the unknown of playing new sports you might have not played before and experience learning about them and the skills required to play to a high level.

3- Strengthen – strengthen communities together, form and tighten bonds between one another using sports as the gateway.

4- Educate – Learning new life skills is vital for any kid when growing up as it opens up the first steps to progressing them to pursue life time goals and ambitions. We are here to open up those first doors to allow kids to take advantage from a young age of these skills needed in life.

5- Care – We are doing this because we really care, too many young kids are stripped of their leisure/learning time and doing something productive due to the many reasons.



All sessions are Free and will always be 🙂