Female Only Programme

What we have in store for 2020

We have our brand new female programme called ” Get togetHER ” its based on the idea of being a female driven programme lead by our female staff for the females to excel.

This new programme will start 25th February 2020 and will take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Click the link below for more info.


Sports and Life Skills CIC have now set up a female only session, we have had great numbers in terms of female participation in our programmes but we feel and would like to help more females as currently; only 11% of our participation numbers are females.

With the Female World Cup 2019 coming up, we thought it would be perfect timing to try and increase female participation at our sessions.

As with all our sessions, it will be totally free and the more the better.

Location will be at Mayville Astro turf pitch, the postcode is N16 8LP, we only have a few rules and they are only water is allowed, you can only wear trainers or astro turf boots for safety please and most importantly willingness to have fun and learn.

With the success of the female only sessions, we are proud to announce that we will not only be continuing the sessions on Fridays but have also added another session on Wednesdays.

Sessions will start on the 26th April 2019 and will run every week at least until the World Cup is over, there will be prizes and a few secrets along the way.

We can’t wait to try something new.

First session went amazing, with 26 young keen footballs getting involved. Here are a few pictures of our first ever female session.

Our second session was a real scary one as it was pouring down with rain but we still managed to get 16 brave superstars to partake in the football.

Here are a few pictures of the female sessions over the last few weeks. With great numbers from 20 girls up to 30 girls on the last few months.