Schools/ Colleges Projects

We were proud to announce we were able to run a 6 week program again for the BSIX students on some new life skills and some new sports. It took  place in the sports hall every Tuesday 5.30pm -7pm from February 2018 till the end of March 2018.

It involved the young people working on the importance of communication eg projecting their voices, planning, organising, setting rules, rehearsing/practicing, having a plan b and then running a tournament for their teachers and the Stoke Newington Police officers.

Sports and Life Skills ran a 10-week project at BSIX Sixth Form College in 2016/2017 in Hackney and after great feedback from the students and the principal himself, we have now decided to offer the same projects to other schools in London.

Sports and Life Skills is a company that aims to improve life skills to young kids all the way to adults through a variety of sports, giving real life examples of life skills and highlighting the reasons to improve them and understand them.

Every project will come with an introduction to the units that we will cover and a summary of each lesson/session and an overview summary and feedback and outcomes sheet to be filled in by the student/participant.

The project will enable students to learn from each other and think about themselves in a structured environment while taking part in a variety of sports.

Sessions/lessons can be between 1 hour/1.5 hours long and Sports and Life Skills projects will be 4/6/8/12 week projects

Depending on the length of the project the school/college chooses will depend on how many topics can be covered.

Schools and Colleges can pick the topics they want us to deliver which gives them the options to focus on what their students need.

Topics in each lesson/session:

  • Building Confidence
  • Communication Skills/Body Language/Speaking and Listening
  • Reacting and processing information
  • Awareness
  • Team Building/Individual learning
  • Taking risks/challenging yourself
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Achievement
  • Motivation and how we use it
  • Interview techniques and tips for jobs and university’s
  • Respect and Manners
  • Empowerment/Personal Responsibilities
  • Importance of planning/organising
  • Delivering an event/sport/game (requires 2 sessions)

For images and videos of previous lessons/sessions please go and look at the company’s social media sites for examples of what you can expect to be delivered.


Instagram: sportsandlifeskills

Facebook: *sportsandlifeskills

All staff have a DBS, liability insurance, safeguarding and first aid certificate, public liability insurance, sport qualifications and most importantly experience delivering the project.