Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme

We are pleased to announce that from May 2018 we will running The Jack Petchey Silver Achievement Scheme for our young people to win, this award is a special award as its given to the young people for their achievements within the organisation.

Here are winners so far:

May 2018 Winner: Daniel

June 2018 Winner: Taleyah

October 2018 Winner: Asim

November 2018 Winner: Liam

LEADERS AWARD: Hussein Hussein

February 2019 Winner: Mohamed

April 2019 Winner: Fares

May 2019 Winner: Enes

June 2019 Winner: Nana

October 2019 Winner: Hiwet

November 2019 Winner: Steven

Leaders Award: Huseyin Yilmaz

February 2020 Winner: Adam

April 2020 Winner: Emre

May 2020: Sharon

June 2020: Marbel

September 2020: Moussa

October 2020: Aya

March 2021: Kleand

April 2021: Michael

May 2021: Chris

June 2021: Abimael

September 2021: Ahmed

October 2021: Tyrese