Sign Up To Sports and Life Skills

To sign up for any of the programmes, simply check the specific group where both time and location can be found. Come along to your chosen session, fill out a membership form and sign our code of conduct document.

Or you can now print the forms off by clicking the forms below to speed up the process and email them back to us at

MEMBERSHIP FORM * must be completed by everyone before they start

CODE OF CONDUCT FORM * must be completed be everyone before they start

HOMEWORK CLUB FORM * must be completed if they wish to attend 

Please ensure you read through the code of conduct document thoroughly, as we want to ensure high standards of behaviour are maintained at all times.

You can contact us via phone: 07940 359 009



*Only water is allowed at the sessions and workshops, so please do not provide your son/daughter with any energy or fizzy drinks. We want all pupils/participants to be able to concentrate and fully engage in order to get the best out of the sessions/lessons.