Funding Organisations


Funding Organisations 


Cripplegate Foundation for being the first organisation to come down and have a look at the work we have been doing in the community and as from September 2017 to November 2017 they funded our sports sessions. (not including the October half term or homework club).

We are proud to announce that The Cripplegate Foundation have again funded our 4-7 year old programme from September 2018 till December 2018 and 2 sets of our 14-19 year old programme with the first one starting in September 2018.

Islington Local INITIATIVES FUND 2017-2018 for supporting our October 2017 half term multi sports programme.

Sports Islington for funding our February 2018 half term multi sports program and our October 2018 half term multi sports programme.

The Big Lottery Fund for funding our 8-13 year old program from the 1st March 2018 for the whole year, excluding our half term multi sports programs.

As from May 2018 we have been approved by the Jack Petchey Foundation for their achievement silver award scheme, which means the young people will be voting and nominating each other to be rewarded for their great work and efforts in our programmes.


The Shanly Foundation who have gave us some funding to run our 4-7 year old programme from February 2019- April 2019.


The Community Fund from the National Lottery has given us some funding to deliver our programmes from July 2019.


The Arsenal Foundation have decided to part fund our female only sessions starting from September 2019.